Sexy Songs to Get Busy (Writing) To

The other day on Facebook, my favorite local radio station posted a call for the hottest/sexiest rock songs.  By rock, I assume this is an all-encompassing bag that holds metal, alternative, Elvis, etc.  You dig?

I decided (after posting one song to the radio’s FB page) that I would compile my own blog list rather than bombard them with a ton of videos.  I am great at bombarding FB with videos, BTW.  I’m also great at bombarding blog readers with videos.  What can I say?  I love music and hot men, and when the two get together it’s sweet sensory ambrosia.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I give you a mosaic of sexy songs.

Glenn Danzig–the dirty, black re-incarnation of The King of Rock and Roll.  Honestly, nearly every Danzig song makes me want to get down, make love, umm, I mean sit down, make poetry.

I know.  Nickelback.  Back in the day they had some great songs, and then they went all commercial.  Someone on the FB list said “Something in Your Mouth,” which I abhor.  That is a cheesy BJ song, not like some of their older, better BJ songs.  I want to scream from the mountain tops, “What happened to old Nickelback, who scratched names in the sides of bullets and did a lot of nasty head-pushing?”  I liked those guys.  Of course, none of them are good-looking but I can look past that for a good voice and catchy tune.  Anyway, I was reminded of this raunchy-hot song that I’ve always enjoyed.  Don’t hate me for it.

Tool.  Honestly, I could get freaky to anything Maynard James breathes on, but “H” and “Stinkfist” were always my imaginary pole dancing songs (back when I used to imagine myself as a pole dancer).  Plus some sicko set this to “Eraserhead” so I couldn’t resist the bizarro connection.  Actually, all official Tool videos are bizarro anyway…

And my boy Ben.  Again, I could pick twenty Breaking Benjamin songs to get off some writing done to, but as I type and listen to this song, I’m having a hard time keeping my clothes on.  I chose well, me thinks.  Who waits forever, anyway?

Peter Steele, gone too soon, had the voice of a seductive devil.  These guys were phenomenal, and are still in my heavy Halloween rotation.  Plus, I challenge you to find me a sexier holiday than Halloween.  No, you can’t.

Couldn’t skip Def Leppard since any number of their songs can get me in the mood.  My husband has this knowledge and is kind enough not to abuse the power this eighties cheese holds over my flimsy chastity belt.  We even saw the old boys in concert last year for our anniversary [wink, wink].  And for the record, I started listening to them about 12 years ago.  I was too young to appreciate the Def when they were actually cool.  Just throwing my semi-youth out there.

Okay, I’ll stop now.  Feel free to insert your own sexy songs in my comment box [lascivious eyebrow wiggle].

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2 responses to “Sexy Songs to Get Busy (Writing) To

  • J. Marie Ravenshaw

    I have my own little playlist to get busy (writing) to 😉 I like the songs you have above for sure. You and I have similar tastes. I, too, like writing erotica to certain songs. Here are my mainstays:

    For some reason, this one gets me in the right mindset to write erotica.

    I love Puscifer! Who doesn’t like a little Maynard James Keenan? Especially this one!

    I’m not usually a HUGE rap fan, but this one seems to get my blood boiling 😉

    I love Linkin Park. But for some reason, this one has me squirming in my seat when I write with it playing in the background … I think it might be the beat- I’m a bit of a cadence writer.

    I kinda like this one too … you’ll see why 😉

    I love Breaking Benjamin as well, though I don’t think I’ve written anything real ‘sexy’ with it playing in the background … but I’ve always liked this one. It has a great writing beat for me.

    I like these too …

    Okay, I’ve rambled on FAR too long and filled your comment section with FAR too many vids. Sorry 😦 I LOVE my music, as I’m sure you can tell 😉 My dad always said that there is a song for everything in life- well, he was right.

    A few of these vids may hook you up to my L’Escalier playlist. It’s what I am currently writing my novel to; which just happens to be horrotica. Give it a listen!
    Great post!

    ~J. Marie


    • kimbervale

      Thanks for the ear candy! I’ll check them out! Linkin Park is ass-shakingly good.:) If you can handle heavy stuff, check out The Bunny, The Bear–the two singers are polar opposites but the combo is catchy as hell. I’m intrigued by the idea of a horrotica novel! The sci/fi erotica I’m currently editing has elements of horror, but is def. more sci/fi. I do love horror, though, and think the blending of scary and smut is so much fun.


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