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Where the Hell Have You Been?

I’d like to say that I was travelling, backpacking across Europe and didn’t have one of those plug converter thingies.  Or that I was abducted by aliens and just returned from the probing of a lifetime.  Or even that I was called to the bedside of a rich and ailing great-aunt to be told that if I nurse her for her last two weeks of life, I would receive her entire inheritance.  And now I’m rich and trying to drown the horror of the last fortnight in a vat of gin.

Alas, I’ve still only ever been to Germany and that was thirteen years ago, my ass feels just fine, and all of my middle-class relatives are alive and kicking.  Sadly, I also don’t have a “vat” of gin.

So, what the fuck have I been doing lately that I’ve shirked my blogging duties so tremendously?  Ehhhh…

Well, lets start with the writing.  I found out recently that my novelette-sized M/M erotica called ‘Bound by Ink’ was accepted by Storm Moon Press for their “Written in Flesh” anthology.  I am so stoked about this as it’s a double milestone for me.  It’s my first gay erotica that will be published and my first longer story that, after it spends a year wedged in what is sure to be a delightfully steamy book about tattooed men getting busy, it will be released solo as an e-book.  So, only my name on the cover.  Did you get that?  Only my name on the cover.  I actually just repeated that for myself because those words are almost better than sex.  Almost.  Yippee ki-yay motherfather.

I’ve also been working on a full length gay romantica novel.  Currently in the 26K department (with a 40k goal) and a little stalled because I forced myself to do my fourth read-through of my 40K hetero alien erotica and send to beta readers.  I’m sorta stuck on a name for this one, but we’ll call it “The Star Catcher” for now and maybe I’ll run some sort of naming poll or contest.  I love the name “Sextraterrestrial,” but don’t think I can be taken seriously with such a title.  Because, otherwise, I can be taken seriously, of course.

Gee, that contest thing is a swell idea, Beav!  I’d love to do some t-shirt giveaways.  If only I had some t-shirts.

What else?  Well, my horror persona has a recent anthology release and a blog tour (sometimes I feel like a cheating spouse, bouncing between blogs like a horny housewife when her husband’s away).  That little minx has another antho release set for mid June and a couple of deadlines to get some short stories finished and sent.  She is also working on a horror novel…very…very…slowly.  But, whenever she gets it all worked out and written, boy-ola is it gonna kick ass.  Maybe.  And no zombies, this time.

And finally, the kids are wrapping up school and there are final projects and performances and baking and meetings for Sunday School teachers and bible camp helpers (if this makes you laugh, go ahead and join me in the mirth.  I, too, can see the irony).

And I babysat Satan yesterday, but I’ll keep that story in my front pocket and smoke it when the urge strikes me.  Suffice it to say, everyone is alive and well and I plan to never again fall prey to that bit of neighborly niceness.  Asshat.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Alien Sex

Or more accurately, I love writing alien sex.  I might love getting otherworldly snoo-snoo, but so far the opportunity hasn’t presented its bright red orangutan ass.  If you see any aliens, send them my way, and I can make an informed decision.

Lately, I’ve been balls-deep into writing alien erotica.  Not reading it, so much; although, I have enjoyed perusing it in the past.  Actually, I just discovered how sizzlin’ hot male/male erotica is, and I think I have a new past-time as a result…but that is another post.  Back to the aliens.

“Why, Kimber?  Why aliens, when there are plenty of sexy men right here on earth,” you ask?  Welllllll, allow me to blast you with my stun-gun of logic…Bend over.

1.  My number one reason is that I can come up with a bonus word for the male genitalia.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some cock.  I bet if I searched for “cock” in my current 40,000 word WIP it would beat out “the” for most-used word.  Dick is okay.  Pole; good.  Rod; better.  Meat stick; only for special occasions.  Penis; gag me with one.  I rarely, if ever, use it.  Just too clinical.  You won’t catch me throwing a vulva in there either.  Nothing sexy about those words, in my opinion.  But if your space man calls it a xord on his planet, you get another word to use in your sex scenes.  And believe me, an extra word comes in mighty handy when the damn thing keeps popping out of his space pants.

My xord wants you.

Tell me that doesn’t sound a million times hotter than the same sentence only with the “P” word.

2.  Earth Girls Are Easy.  Or maybe they are delightfully plumper than the skinny bitches on Planet Z.  Maybe cooler, with their pink mohawks and tattoos.  Maybe their Earth Girl accents just make his xord want to come out and play in a way he’s never sexperienced before.  Whatever–aliens love us because we are a flava totally different from the PB&J they are eating at home.  We are freakin’ Filet Mignon.

3.  Aliens can look like ANYTHING I want them to.  I think it–they are it.  If you’ve got one of those freaky Smurf fetishes I’ve heard about twice now in the past week (“Where the hell are you surfing, Kimber???”  That is another post once again, but the water is just fine, let me tell ya), well then, blue aliens it is, you twisted little kinkster, you!  You want a 1980 Arnold Swarzenegger body with a 1980 Mel Gibson face?  Done (and done).  The universe is your oyster, baby!  Make that clam clammy however you can.  So long as they don’t sparkle, it’s all gravy.

4.  Spaceships are fuckin’ hot.  You like a big fictional stud on a motorcycle, done up in leather?  Then how does a space motorcycle shake your coconuts?  And space leather, whatever that is?  Let your imagination run wild, you crazy monkey!  Schhhhwwinngg.

5.  Maybe the real aliens can actually download Amazon books with their fancy WiFi bending satellites.  Kinda like that 80’s movie where the aliens liked watching old “I Love Lucy” reruns.  Real aliens could be my largest readership demographic.  They’d be looking down the front of their E.T. pj’s at their tiny schlorts and saying, “Can you believe how huge earthlings think our xords are?  I love this chick!”

6.  They can get off in any color.  Even sparkles.

7.  They’re aliens.  They can’t knock up the earth girls, so no need for the awkward condom fumble before the hanky-panky.  And then, of course, it turns out that they do knock up the girl because in some intergalactic freak of nature, our genetic material is unthinkably compatible.  That’s a given.

8.  That movie “Paul.”  Even that little guy was hot in his own I-don’t-give-a-fuck way.  And he could totally dance.  As long as he has Seth Rogen’s voice, I’d hit that and make him talk dirty to me the whole time.  Probably wouldn’t take too long, either.

9.  SUPER POWERS!!!  We all want ’em.  We all get hot for the guy (or girl) that has ’em.  They kick ass, and the options are only limited by your imagination.  Don’t think that aliens with super powers are believable?  Well Super Man just punched your face for that, but the man in tights aside, I challenge you to find me an alien who can’t grow a second schlong when the tune to “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” is hummed in his ooveet.  For those that think ooveet is his asshole, get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s a freakin’ ear.  Even more difficult, I dare you to produce a sextraterrestrial that canNOT give perfect, toe-curling, real chow even on his maiden voyage to Vulva Land.  It’s impossible–because aliens are just that good.

Don’t defy me.

10.  Mork.  ‘Nuff said.

So, there you have it.  Now go out there and write some alien porn if you are so inspired.  Just don’t steal my monkey-leather-wearing, space-chopper-ridin’ Cousin Arnold idea.  That crap is copyrighted as of this posting.  Sorry.

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