ThanksGiving Back Blog Hop

Happy Thanksgiving week!

I’m so excited to be involved in a blog hop that is near and dear to my heart–the Coming Together ThanksGiving Back Hop. A number of romance/erotica authors who have stories featured in Coming Together anthologies are posting this week. We’ve got e-book giveaways and a grand prize, so be sure to follow along and read all about it!

Coming Together is a small publisher dedicated to helping various charitable organizations via sales of erotic anthologies. From Doctors Without Borders to Autism Speaks to the American Red Cross–and so many other human, animal, and environmental nonprofits–the list of charities Coming Together supports is huge and humbling. 100% of all proceeds go to charity, which means that the lovely editors, authors, and artists who band together to create each book donate their time and talents to help make the world a little bit better.

I’m thrilled to be included in three Coming Together anthologies, and writing this post makes me anxious to send head honcho Alessia Brio more short stories because CT is such a worthwhile organization.

In the Trenches

Today, I’m spotlighting Coming Together: In the Trenches. This military-themed collection of erotica and erotic romance benefits Protect Our Defenders. In the wake of France’s recent devastation, and so many countless and senseless other acts of global aggression by terrorist groups, supporting those who fight to keep us safe is absolutely essential.

Coming Together



All Romance



Here’s a bit from my included story, Comando Especial:

Blurb: Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Rojas commands Navy SEAL-trained soldiers in a special anti-narcotics division of the Colombian military, facing deadly enemies on a regular basis. But when Alex’s ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord, the usual high-octane mission becomes personal. If Alex and Luz get out of the dangerous situation alive, Alex doesn’t plan to let Luz walk away a second time.



Luz couldn’t fake indifference any longer. She sobbed loudly as a knock came from outside the wooden dormitory.

“Don Jamie,” a voice called from the door. “Our second sub is in need of repair on the forward ballast. The men are working on it, but our departure will be delayed.”

“Fuck! I paid those bastardos over a million for that boat!”

Ramirez turned from Luz, his anger focused on the bearer of bad news. He pulled open the door, knife ready.

“No!” The man shouted as he stumbled forward, his hands held awkwardly behind his back. Ramirez, fueled by anger, only reacted. His blade slammed up into the man’s gut and cut his scream short. The dying man gurgled and dropped to his knees.

And then Luz saw the dark form behind him. The man, in military fatigues with a camouflage-painted face, materialized like a specter from the inky night. He sprang forward, lithe as a cat despite his bulk. Over the twitching body on the ground, he locked arms with Ramirez.

Luz used her feet to scoot her chair backward as the two men grappled.

Ramirez was a strong man. He was vain, and spent hours each day lifting weights. He had bragged to Luz on more than one occasion, saying the men would not respect a weak leader. He was certainly feared by the people he commanded, and was bigger than nearly all of them.

The soldier seized Ramirez’s knife hand at the wrist. Luz swallowed hard as granite biceps fought for control. The blade flashed above the man’s painted face, but the soldier’s familiar dark eyes were pinned on her.

“Alexander?” Luz whispered the name. The man heaved upward, displacing the knife as his left arm hooked around to land a bone-crunching punch to Ramirez’s cheek.


Please help support the ultimate in erotic altruism. Coming Together’s adorable tag line is: Doing good while being bad. They can’t do good without the support of amazing readers. I hope you’ll check out their $2.99 and under offerings. Maybe you’ll find something that blows your hair back and be a little bad for a great cause, huh?

For my giveaway, I’m offering a copy of either my MM novel Crossed Hearts, or my MF sci-fi, Star Catcher. Comment for a chance to win my prize as well as the grand prize, and don’t forget to hop along and check out everyone else’s posts and giveaways!



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