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Diane Saxon’s “Flight of Her Life” #romantic #comedy

I have the lovely Diane Saxon visiting me today to give us a peek at her new holiday-themed romantic comedy, Flight of Her Life. It looks like a super fun read. I can’t wait to get my hooks in it.

Thank you so much for hosting me, Kimber.

No problem!  Thanks for being here, Diane. 🙂

I’m going to be visiting some of my favorite new author friends over the next week or so, and I’d love you to join me in my hop. I’m going to do a consecutive excerpt of Flight of Her Life, my new romantic comedy especially for Christmas, so if you follow along, by the end, you will have read my first two chapters.


I love life and I laugh a lot. I think that’s why funny things seem to happen to me, so I thought I would do a little competition. The answers will be a pure guess, but I will give away a copy of Flight of Her Life to the two top scoring visitors. You have to answer all the questions on the first 6 sites and I will let you know the answers when we reach Layne, so follow me around. If you miss one out, you can go back, I won’t judge until I put the answers up on the 9th.

Look forward to seeing you around.

  1. What did I do on holiday on my ‘special’ birthday? Did I:
  1. Jump ship?
  1. Sky Dive?
  1. Ski?


Traveling from New York City to Houston to meet her future in-laws and announce her engagement, accident prone Bailey finds herself in a situation beyond her control. All flights are cancelled the night before Christmas Eve, leaving Bailey stranded at the airport with a cowboy from her past.

Against all odds, Sebastian manages to rescue Bailey from one disaster after another, but is it too late to rescue her from her future? Faced with a heartrending dilemma, does Bailey turn her back on the man who offers her a life of security, or does she run off to Maui with a cowboy?


Chapter 1

“So, Bailey. We’ve got it straight?”

“Yes, Phillip.”

“What did I say?”


“Do you mean ʻpardon?’ That’s the polite way of querying what a person has said.”


“What did I just tell you?” Her pulse rate increased and she widened her eyes as she heard the impatience in his voice.

“Oh. Umm.” She watched his brow crease in irritation, and automatically straightened her spine as she sat opposite him in the fortieth floor offices belonging to Horton & Horton Attorney at Law.

“You are going to fly to Houston this afternoon.” She recited. “To meet with your parents…” at his sharp look, she corrected herself. “…the senators.” He gave a short, sharp nod. “I will stay here for another two days to attend to matters that may arise in your absence.” She self-consciously checked for a stray curl and patted her hair above her ear. “I will then catch a flight to Houston to join you and the senators for their Christmas Eve party…soiree.” She quickly amended before he could react. “My parents have made their own arrangements to attend.”

She linked her fingers together and resisted the urge to cross her legs. Phillip said it was considered vulgar and cheap, and God forbid anyone thought she was cheap.

He seemed to be waiting for her to continue. She closed her eyes briefly, took a deep breath and thought.

“Oh, yes. Senator Patricia Horton…” she glanced up at him to see if it was okay to use his mother’s first name in that manner, but as there were no flickers of disapproval, she continued. “…will show me the dinner service she has chosen.” For us to use for the rest of our lives. “And Senator Benjamin Horton will announce our engagement and the date of our forthcoming wedding—once they have agreed on the date with you later today.” Her smile was pure saccharine as she waited for his nod of approval.

He snapped his briefcase shut and picked it up, casting a distracted glance at her.


He scanned the immaculate office, nodded again.

“I’ll see you on Christmas Eve. The senators’ car will meet you at the airport.”

She stood and crossed the room to offer him a kiss good-bye. Reaching up on tip-toe, she leaned in to him. He stepped back so she almost overbalanced and he turned his head just enough for her lips to graze his cheek, and then he raised his hand and wiped the spot she had touched.

A low wave of disappointment flowed over her. She appreciated his ideas about work etiquette, but really, he was leaving for two days and the next time she would see him would be in a room full of strangers at their engagement party. A nasty little thought curled through her mind as she wondered if he would deign to kiss her in front of everyone there, when he so obviously seemed to find difficulty in the privacy of their own office.

“Oh. My mother had this delivered.”

Curious she dipped her head as he pulled a small, elegant, jeweler’s box from the inside pocket of his impeccable suit and flicked open the lid. The light reflecting from the huge diamond rock almost took her eye out. Her jaw dropped.

“Phillip. It’s…stunning.” She couldn’t form the words she thought would be most appropriate to describe the monstrosity of a ring he offered her.

He handed the box to her with the ring inside.

“Don’t lose it; it was almost two million dollars. A nine carat diamond. The senator has exquisite taste.”

Speechless, she stared at it for a moment, taking time to consider what dinner service the senator, with her exquisite taste, would choose. Not for the first time, a flicker of concern tiptoed secretively through her.

Phillip stepped away and opened the door. As though an afterthought struck him, he turned back, and her heart gave a hopeful flutter.

“And Bailey, would you do me a favor and wear your glasses rather than your contact lenses? They make you look so much more…”

“Attractive?” She provided.



“No, no…”


“No, Bailey.” His mouth pursed with irritation. “Presentable. They make you look more presentable.”


The door snapped shut and she stared at the enormous stone glaring out of the box at her. If anyone asked her what her opinion of vulgar was, she would have said the ring.

She took it out of the box, reverently slid it on to her ring finger and held her hand at arm’s length. The ring was too big and as she dropped her hand down to her side the rock spun to the underside of her finger. Perhaps it was safer tucked into her palm anyway. She was likely to get mugged, flashing something like that around in New York City.

She gazed around the office, sighed as she noticed the paperwork he had left in a neat pile on his desk for her to clear away. She was supposed to be an associate, not his secretary, but he’d got into the habit of letting her clean up after him.

Bailey picked up the envelope with her flight ticket inside and tucked it into her handbag.

She needed to leave early to buy Christmas presents for his parents. She thought Phillip and she would have bought them between them, but Phillip said he’d already got them something from him. What the hell would they want for Christmas if they could afford to spend two million bucks on a diamond ring?

She already had presents for her own parents. A pretty silk scarf for her mom and a box of Cuban cigars for her daddy, but really what would the senators appreciate from her?

At least she was going to see mom and daddy too. They were staying in Houston for the engagement party. She missed them so much it made her heart ache.

Bailey needed to pack her case with smart, presentable clothes. She wasn’t sure if she had enough for an entire week: items that were neither work suits, nor were they jeans and sweaters.

She locked the office door and hustled along the empty hallway to the elevator, most employees had already left for the Christmas holidays. She pressed the button for the lobby and waited, and then she stepped inside the elevator where the annoying sound of piped Christmas music greeted her. The familiar feeling of nausea hit her as the elevator lurched down and her stomach stayed on the fortieth floor for a moment longer before it decided to join her.

The lights flickered, the Christmas music stuttered, the elevator ground to a halt and the doors remained closed. Bailey leaned forward, a heavy feeling of disbelief filled her chest. Please don’t let this happen. Not now, not today. She pressed the button for the door and stared in horror as they slid open to reveal a solid brick wall in front of her. The elevator was stuck between floors.

Where to Buy Flight of Her Life

Liquid Silver Books

Authors I am visiting:

30th November – Kimber Vale

3rd December – Shiloh Sadler

4th December – M S Kaye

5th December – Allyson Lindt

6th December – Daisy Banks

7th December – Eva Lefoy

9th December – Layne Macadam!blog/cfxc

Love it! Thanks so much for the fun visit, Diane!

Review: A Handful of Wolf by Sofia Grey

Review of A Handful of Wolf by Sofia GreyLSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop

Full disclosure: I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.  Also full disclosure: I’ve only read one other shifter book, but I know they are hugely popular and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. So, this was me reading out of my comfort zone.

A Handful of Wolf– 4 1/2 Shooters. This book will certainly give you a book hangover.Beershots02

For a full rating scale breakdown, see my Me Reviewing Books page.

Now, on with the review! 

A Handful of Wolf is a well-written ride that starts out smokin’ hot and then kicks into overdrive. Megan meets Sasha when the construction worker bets a buddy he can get a kiss from her. It doesn’t take long for him to realize this girl is different from the many before. Pretty soon he recognizes that difference—she’s his mate. I loved how Megan wasn’t Sasha’s usual type, but he fell ass over teakettle for her in a very brief time nonetheless.

The fact that their love affair takes place within just a few short days didn’t put me off as it might in some books. It was well-handled and seemed to me that they knew each other much longer. Megan is also a realist at the end and wants to spend more time together to see where it leads, not “This is it! We’re mates!” and I appreciated that (even though this is it and they are mates).

There was a little nod to Romeo and Juliet to add to the tension. Megan is the daughter of a prominent and well-off politician, while Sasha is slugging it on the wrong side of the tracks (don’t worry—turns out he’s got mad prospects and social consciousness to make up for his lack of affluence—Booyah!). Add in a jilted ex (Megan’s) and a tense meeting between two different shifter packs, throw in a rogue wolf and his evil minions hell-bent on breaking/enforcing the rules, and mysterious sympathetic pains between Sasha and his twin sister, and you have a recipe for a fast-paced read with pockets of scorching hot mate on mate boot-knocking.

I loved how Megan wondered if she would turn into a werewolf after being bit. Apparently she has also read more werewolf books than shifter books. 😉 The thought had crossed my mind as well (doh!). I was intrigued by the whole mating bond thing and found myself wondering what happens if a mated pair is separated for a long period of time. A slow and miserable death, I’ll wager! Please write one like that next, Sofia, only the lovers don’t die at the end, they get back together. Think of the angst! 🙂

Both Megan and Sasha were likable and realistic characters, each with their own faults and their own baggage, which made them three-dimensional and totally relatable. I was sympathetic toward both, and found myself rooting for their happily ever after the whole way through.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sofia Grey’s A Handful of Wolf and plan to read the rest of the series now that she has me hooked. The small spurts of information about Sasha’s Alpha had me curious to know what his story was. If anyone is like me and hasn’t already read the first book in the series, have no fear—this one stands alone just fine. Don’t hesitate to pick it up. And if you love wolf shifters, well this is definitely the book for you.


Sasha stuck by Megan’s side while she tossed down shots with the girls, and as she tottered on unsteady heels toward the stage.

“Howlin’ Wolves are on next.” It took a moment before he realized she meant the live act. There were howling wolves all around, mixing easily with the very bohemian crowd. He felt like a hick. He’d never seen so many tattoos or piercings, and the way they knocked back their drinks made him feel distinctly uneasy. Shifters usually had a higher tolerance for alcohol than humans, but even these wolves were off their heads. How did Megan and her friends keep up? He clung to his half empty bottle of beer like a lifeline.

The band members were all wolves and played loud, fast rock music that ignited the audience. Before the opening chords finished, there was a surge toward the stage and Sasha automatically caught hold of Megan before she was knocked over. Lou and Nessa took position on the edge, but Megan wanted to be in the center, despite the jostling and pushing from the other dancers. He moved to stand behind her, arms circled around her waist and shielded her as best he could. She was in the perfect position for him to nuzzle her hair and he took advantage and buried his nose deep in the soft, brown waves. She snuggled closer to him and his cock sprang to life. She couldn’t miss the hard ridge pressing against her ass. When she ground against him with her pelvis, he groaned. This was torture of the sweetest kind.

Another rub against his hard-on, and he retaliated. He slipped both hands under the trailing edge of her top and found warm, silky bare skin. Velvet. With both palms against her flat stomach, he held her even closer and nuzzled the back of her neck. Her dancing faltered and she trembled. Christ, she felt good in his arms. It didn’t matter that they swayed together amidst a crush of sweaty dancers, she had his sole attention. Her throat was just a breath away. He kissed a slow path up the side of her neck, over the shell of her ear, and down again with a nip to her earlobe. The taste of her skin was like a drug. His blood heated and pulse surged, and he had to go back for a second taste. Her caramel scent intensified and exploded in a burst of sensation on his tongue. There had to be something in the smoky atmosphere that was melting his synapses. He wanted to bite her neck. The urge to mark her thrummed in his veins, pounding at his consciousness. His wolf urged him on, scratching at him, demanding that he claim her.


Claim her?

As in claiming a Mate?

He was drunk. He had to be. It was the only explanation.



#MySexySaturday — A Tiny Taste of “Nasty Boys”

For week #26 our theme is that pinnacle moment where you know the two lovers in a story are about to lose their cool and get all crazy on each other.

That is an excellent moment.

For my offering, I’m excerpting my short story “Johnny and Clyde” from Nasty Boys: Rough Trade Erotica, the latest guy on guy anthology from Cleis Press and editor Shane Allison.

He Looks Like Trouble, and You Know You Want Some.

The three bikers split up, and John found himself flying
down a dirt lane at breakneck speed, his arms tightly hugging
the dangerous stranger in front of him. Wind whipped his face,
stung his eyes to a liquid blur. The green-brown of forest sailed
by in smudged watercolor. The grim reaper could have loomed
alongside the lonely stretch of road, and John would have
reached out a hand to high-five him.

When they finally skidded to a stop at the rear of a small
cabin somewhere in the lonely woods of upstate New York, or
possibly even Vermont, John had an aching hard on, a windslapped
face and the sweetest sense of abandon. It didn’t matter
that the masked guy still had a gun tucked in his pants. John had
noticed the tattooed message on the biker’s fingers as the man
had choked the throttle. The right-hand knuckles, deciphered
from John’s upside-down vantage point, read OUTS. The left
was inked with IDER. Outsider. The word called to him. It
made him believe that he and the rough biker were somehow
meant to be here right now. They were like the cogs in a clock
that gripped together perfectly to push each other forward.

The man slid off the bike. He faced John as he pulled the
pistol from the front of his pants. Johnny could only stare at the
smattering of dark belly hair that led down into his jeans. He
licked his lips and imagined tracing the angry red welt left by
the hard metal barrel. With his mouth watering, he devoured the
guy’s semi-aroused state with his eyes. The gun wasn’t trained
on him, but held at the robber’s side. Even so, John didn’t feel
that approaching the guy was a wise move.

Instead, he inched a hand over his own hard dick and slid
it down his bound length then back up, wrapping his fingers
around himself as much as the dress slacks allowed, and
stroking. The man watched him silently.

“Let me taste your cock,” John said gruffly, still unsure if his
words would get him killed. How did he know this guy wasn’t
ramrod straight and homophobic as well? He saw the hint of a
pink tongue dart out to wet the man’s lips under the knit mask, and blood surged to his prick, full and fast and almost painful.

The man was unbuckling his belt. Unbuttoning. Unzipping. “Come ’ere.”

John knelt on the hard ground before a pair of black boots
decorated with steel rings.


#MySexySaturday Excerpt from “Comando Especial”

This is a new venture for me. I signed up for My Sexy Saturday today, and I’m thinking it’s gonna be fun.

The rules of the hop for this week (#21) are simple: post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words of sexiness.

I can dig that.

My lucky seven comes from my latest release, Coming Together: In the Trenches. Here are seven paragraphs from my story “Comando Especial” in this philanthropic anthology.In the Trenches

What’s sexy to me? Well, lots of things, 😉 but in this story, a high-octane hero who rescues the woman he loves from the clutches of a sadistic drug lord spells H-O-T.


“He has a gun!”  Luz shouted a moment before the awful ring of a fired bullet fractured the air.

Alexander had dropped to a fighting crouch while the gun was drawn.  His right leg snapped up in a round-house kick and his booted foot struck the pistol a heartbeat before it went off.  The bullet smashed through the wall of the building, and the gun flew from Ramirez’s grasp.

In a blur of dark green, Alexander dropped and spun.  His left leg swept his opponent’s feet out from beneath him, and Ramirez landed on his back.  Alex tackled him in a blink, pinning his shoulders to the dirt floor under unforgiving knees. 

A number of soldiers and aiming their rifles a...

A number of soldiers and aiming their rifles at the start of a training exercise at Brisworthy on the southern edge of Dartmoor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The officer pulled a handheld radio from his belt and spoke into it.  “Hostage is safe.  Ramirez is apprehended.”  A crackle of voices responded.

Moments later, as Alexander bound Ramirez’s wrists and ankles with zip ties, a deafening explosion sounded in the distance.

“Say adios to your refinery equipment, Don.  I’m glad you survived, as much as I would love to put a bullet in your ear.  The United States Justice Department would be disappointed if we failed to deliver you alive.”

He looked up at Luz.  “Ready to go home now, corazón?”


My Sexy Saturday

This is a Blog Hop!


Release Day! Coming Together: In the Trenches

Happy Veterans Day, everyone! I’m so pleased to announce the release of Coming Together: In the Trenches today. This story collection is chock full of delicious tales involving military men and women.

From sweet homecomings, to high-octane battlefronts, and everything in between, In the Trenches is sure to be a thrill ride you won’t soon forget.

All proceeds from this spicy anthology go to Protect Our Defenders, so what do you say? Buy a hot read for less than the price of a hot coffee, and help raise funds for a worthy cause. 🙂

In the Trenches

CONTENTS: Once upon a Thursday (Robert Buckley); Half a Day from the Front (Skilja Peregrinarius); This is Me Holding You (Annabeth Leong); When He Comes Home (Di Topaz); Report on the Heart (Yvette Hines); A Problem with Authority (Lucy Felthouse); Comando Especial (Kimber Vale); Dutch & Lobo (Aliyah Burke)

An excerpt from the book:


When people imagine what it might be like to be a soldier—or a sailor or an airman or a Marine—what often comes to mind is the picture of a highly-trained, self-sufficient, aggressive Type-A personality machine. This image, fed by Hollywood and shaped by years of headlines with foreign datelines, is only half the picture.

There is another side to the military man or woman. That is the side that wakes up in the morning missing someone. That is the side that pauses in the moment you put on your helmet, to let your gaze linger on the picture stashed within. That is the side that waits days, months, years to be with someone. That is the side that makes the soldier whole.

The stories in this anthology show that side of the soldier. First, we take a trip back in time to an ill-lit path in the woods, wherein lies a secret respite from the world, in Robert Buckley’s “Once Upon a Thursday.” Skilja Peregrinarius continues this theme with his “Half a Day From the Front,” in which a young woman gives comfort to those she can, and is in return comforted and protected.

Romance—bittersweet, hot romance—comes to the fore in Annabeth Leong’s story of a soldier leaving her husband and daughter behind as she returns to the combat zone in “This is Me Holding You.” Themes of love and reconnection, and the special challenges military relationships entail, are highlighted in Di Topaz’ “When He Comes Home,” and Yvette Hines’ “Report on the Heart.”

And yet, we shouldn’t forget that there is something about the warrior’s heart that places him or her outside the everyday. In Lucy Felthouse’s “A Problem With Authority,” two soldiers cross a few lines of military discipline to be with each other. Kimber Vale takes us deep into the South American jungle in “Comando Especial,” in which a dangerous mission becomes deadly personal. And in our final offering, “Dutch & Lobo” by Aliyah Burke, two warriors take on all comers—and each other—to save the life of Dutch’s fellow Marine.

Each of these stories presents a different facet of the military; each presents a different interpretation of the theme. These authors have come together to donate their stories to a cause that benefits yet another, often hidden, side of the military. A salute to them in thanks for their time and effort.

And last but not least, I want to raise a glass to our veterans, past, present, and future. Wherever you are serving tonight, I hope you wake up soon with the people who complete your picture.

~ Lady Grey

Find Coming Together: In the Trenches at All Romance and Amazon, and probably some more places if you look. 🙂



#NaNoWriMo Week One Update

Hey, this is great!  I can spare a few minutes to update y’all on my writing progress every week, right? And, let’s be honest, I need to post something here.

Thank you NaNoWriMo for getting my ass moving on all writing fronts!

Anyway, here’s the low down on my NaNo thus far:

A little background info first. I signed up for a month-long challenge on the NaNo site about eight months ago. Guess that would make it April. I think I ended up writing 20K on a book that I still have yet to finish, but anyway, it inspired me to write faster. I’m not a NaNo success story by any stretch of the imagination, and I can freely admit that. I plan to fail miserably this month as well. I’m a planner, and I like my whiskey and my rough drafts pretty damn neat.

That being said, I signed up thinking the starting date would get me to complete my second book in my Shooting Stars series. It (kinda) did. I finished my rough draft of “Double Takes” on the 3rd of November. Not bad. Not too late to start the next one.

But I didn’t feel ready. I spent a few days outlining and doing character sheets and re-outlining. Okay, and formulating a play list of inspirational songs, I’ll be freakin’ honest.

Yes, this is my muse music. Clearly it will be a happy-happy, joy-joy kind of book. 😛

I know some people just jump right in and let the book take them. I’ve tried that. My books take me to brick walls if I don’t have at least a loose sketch of each chapter.

Anyway, I started writing on the fifth, I think, and I finished my first chapter yesterday at 4049. I could conceivably manage 7K words a week going forward, which would put a nice dent in book three.

I also need to start editing Double Takes so I can get that out to beta readers in the next few weeks.  All in all, I’m feeling good about my NaNo, doomed to failure though it may be (hell, according to my outline, this book will probably fall in the 40K mark anyway–doomed, I tell ya!). But that’s cool. I’m loving my characters, and the fact that I haven’t submitted book two yet gives me the opportunity to make sure they are consistent in both books.

So, yeah. There’s the report. Check back next week to see if I’m spiraling downward in a flaming plane. 🙂 Magic eight ball says “Signs point to yes.”



Fall into Winter Romance #Giveaway Hop

Well, what do you know? Another blog hop!

Ah, romance.  Is there anything better than cozying up to your sweetheart before a crackling fire? Sharing a throw blanket and playing footsie underneath? How about toasting your burning love with a mug of hot mulled wine?

Well, welcome to the Fall into Winter Romance Blog Hop. ‘Tis the season to bundle up and bust open a steaming-hot romance to warm you from the inside out.

With nearly sixty chances to win an assortment of romance-themed prizes, and a grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card, this hop is sure to add some sweet heat for a bunch of lucky winners.

For my prize, I’m giving away a copy of my M/M story Bound by Ink. There are a couple of toasty warm fires and plenty of spicy hot manlove in this novelette to help you fend off that November chill. 🙂 Comment below and I’ll pick a winner via at the end of the hop.


On an alternate Earth, Key has his marriage ink placed out of duty to his friend, Kaya, but realizes his mistake too late. He runs from the woman and her family, desperate to find a happiness that is sure to elude him in his village full of narrow-minded people. In the wilderness he discovers Dax, a man who left their tribe to seek his own freedom. Lust sparks between them, but with Kaya’s father on the hunt for Key, and Key’s own guilt plaguing him, will the two fugitives be able to find their happily ever after?

Don’t forget to stop in and visit the other hoppers, and click the link below to enter the Rafflecopter for the $50 gift card!

Happy hopping! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Western Kisses Fall Into Winter Giveaway Hop

1. AnnMarie Oakes 16. MYTHICAL BOOKS (INT) 31. Susanne Matthews 46. Phaedra Seabolt
2. Kirsten Osbourne 17. Arianne Richmonde 32. Olivia Hardin… Writer 47. Sotia Lazu
3. Carré White 18. Allyson Lindt (INT) 33. Rhonda Laurel 48. Nana Prah
4. Flora Dare 19. Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews 34. Shiloh Saddler 49. Cherie Marks
5. Sienna Stapleton 20. Wicked Wolves & Dreaming Dragons 35. Tory Richards 50. Stacey Clifford (INT)
6. Charlene Raddon 21. Budget Romance (Suzanne Rock) 36. TD Hassett 51. Em Petrova
7. Krista Lakes 22. Marian Tee 37. Krista Ames 52. Suzanna Medeiros
8. Elsa Day 23. Mary Eason 38. Author Tawdra Kandle 53. Tabitha Conall
9. Aubrey Rose 24. Cassandra Carr (INT) 39. Stacey Blake 54. J.R. Pearse Nelson
10. Adriana Hunter 25. Karolyn James 40. Reading Reality 55. Kimber Vale
11. Mochas, Mysteries and More 26. Normandie Alleman (INT) 41. Katya Armock: paranormal 56. Christine Murphy – Author Of Sphinx Resurrected
12. Shelby Rebecca 27. Siren Allen 42. Close Encounters with the Night Kind 57. Charlene Roberts
13. Lily Harlem 28. R.E. Hargrave 43. S.A. Jones 58. Adriana Kraft
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