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My Forever is Now: Name that Dog Blog Tour

I have a page on here dedicated to my contest details, but I’m re-posting on my home page to get the word out since today is day one!  Hooray! Hit me with your best puppy names, people!

What the hell am I talking about, you ask?  What the hell am I ever talking about…

I’ve got the most. Fun. Blog. Tour. Ever going on—that’s what I’m talking about!

Coming 9/9/13 from Liquid Silver Books!
Coming 9/9/13 from Liquid Silver Books!

Do you love naming animals and possibly small people, but not necessarily cleaning up their poop? Do you love $20 Amazon gift cards? Does the thought of the name you pick being used for the name of the puppy in my next book get you excited? How about a shout-out in the acknowledgements of said book, AND a free e-copy of that very book to add to the bundle of fantastic I’m offering here?

Here’s the deal, Shaquille:

Name this dog:


Cute little shit, ain’t he/she?  That’s right. I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet. I don’t even know what breed it is for sure. You can be the judge and let your ideas inspire the name.  All it has to be is freakin’ perfect, and then I’ll obviously pick it and use it in my next book.

Want to have an advantage over the competition? Well, here’s your hint: Chance and Alex of Forever is Now show up in the second book in my Shooting Stars Series (Double Takes). The puppy will be theirs. Run with that—but not with scissors.

That’s all I’m telling you. If you read Forever is Now you probably have a leg-up on naming the new addition to Chance and Alex’s family. Do you have to read it to come up with something that twangs my cat gut? Not necessarily! So if you don’t even read M/M and you’re just here for a gift card—go for it! We’ll see which I pick. 😉

Oh, and people who follow my blog and enter a name, while I will try to be fair and partial, you will probably come up with something that just sounds better to me. That’s how things go, right? If you stop by my house and suggest a puppy name, and then tell me I should weed more and my place is a freakin’ pig sty and you never want to come over again, your name suddenly sounds a little shitty, doesn’t it?  😉

YAY!  Fire at will, and feel free to supply more than one name! Contest runs from 9/6 to 10/6, after which time I will announce and contact the bodacious winner.

Oh, and if you’d prefer to email me a name directly: kimbervale [at] hotmail {dot} com

Or you can tweet to my handle @kimbervale  and #ForeverIsNow is a fun hashtag, methinks.

Or you can find me on Facebook and post to my wall.

It’s all cool! I’m still pretty flexible despite my years. 🙂


Wanna know where I’m touring? Well, I’m not one for planning and organization, but here’s the run-down so far… Stop in, because in some cases I’ll be doing e-book giveaways in addition to the doggy style one over here.

9/6 The Gemini Girls: Sofia Grey and Allison Lindt

9/7 Reading Between the Wines for their weekend music festival (with a double e-book giveaway from me and tons of other author giveaways)

9/9 Forever is Now Release Day! 🙂 🙂 🙂

9/10 Lila Shaw’s Blog

9/12 Cover Reveals

9/13-9/21 The Romance Reviews Fall into Romance Hop –I will post right here about a favorite GLBT Romance book and host a giveaway of some sort–I’m still deciding what!

9/19 Genna Writes Good— Genna Wade’s blog

9/20 Ms Romantic Reads

9/24 Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

9/27 Book Reviews and More by Kathy–with giveaway!

9/28 The Novel Approach

10/2 Delilah Devlin’s Blog

10/3 Joyfully Jay

Oh, and I will keep a list of submissions on my blog tour page here, in case you are wondering if I got yours or you want to check out the competition.  And feel free to grab my tour button on the side bar if you like cute dog pictures (or maybe hot guys who adopt a cute dog and don’t know what to name it).

Thanks for playing! You rock!


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