Wendi Zwaduk Brings Her Tiger Shifters. Oh My!

Author Wendi Zwaduk stopped over today for an interview!  Thanks for coming, Wendi!

1.Please give us a two-hundred word teaser from your latest release, as well as the tag line for your book.  

They want their mate. She wants love without pain. Together, they can be whole. 

A vision formed behind his closed eyelids. The woman, curves where a woman should be curvy, black hair in fat curls dangling down her back, and not a stitch of clothing in sight, danced. The spotlight she moved in front of gave him the perfect outline of her body and a tantalizing hint of her identity. He’d know her anywhere. His mouth watered, and he longed to touch her. He slid down in his seat and thanked the Goddess the desk hid his erection. He cupped the bulge in his pants with both hands and stroked in time with her swaying.

Kaia Martin. His tiger roared from within. The moment he laid eyes on her, he and his animal knew she’d complete him. Whether she’d fit in with him and his brother … they’d figure that out soon enough. Better to tempt her with one tiger than to scare the living fuck out of her with both of them at the same time.

He rested his head on the back of his chair and continued to stroke himself. He needed to see her.

2. Did you always want to be an author? 

Nope. I wanted to be a history teacher.  I love history and researching stuff that happened before. But I don’t have the patience for teenagers.

3.While you’re writing/planning—music or no music?  If music, what kind? 

Always music. If it’s quiet, then I can’t write. I’ve been like that since I was in school. I used to drive my mother crazy because I had to sit in front of the TV to do my homework. Didn’t have to be something I liked, per se, just noise. I’m still like that. I need music, but I’ve only created a few playlists. I usually just listen to whatever is on the general playlist on my iTunes.

4.   Do you base your characters on real people? Hollywood or every day acquaintances? 

They aren’t based on anyone in particular, but the twins look a lot like JJ Watt from the Texans. I wanted a guy who was tall, strong and cat-like in his reflexes. JJ fit the bill. Plus, he’s cute.

5.   Do you NaNoWriMo?  Why or why not? 

I have and tend to cheat. I pack two or three shorter works into my goal instead of a longer one. I don’t tend to write really long that often, so it works better for me. Yep, I’m a cheater.

6.   Cats or dogs? 

Cats and dogs. I’ve got two of both and love them. I never thought I was a dog person until I rescued a beagle/basset from the pound. She adopted me and decided I was her person. I’ve got a cat who is mine, but he’s only decided I’m his person when it’s time for food.

7.   Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Yes. It can happen, but it’s rare. Too many people believe their lives will be automatically fixed because they found that one person. Love can happen quick but it takes work to make it last.


Want to know more about Dual Threat? Here you go!

They want their mate. She wants love without pain. Together, they can be whole. 

Kaia Martin dances to pay the bills. She doesn’t mind baring her body, but her heart? That’s another question. But what happens when two tiger shifters push her out of her comfort zone and into her heart’s desire?

Evan and Ian Davis have been in love with Kaia since the moment they met her. Their tigers know she’s the one for them. They’ve waited long enough for her to see what they’ve always known—she’s their mate. Can these twin tiger shifters prove love really can conquer all?

Coming June 10th from Liquid Silver Books!

Want to know more about Wendi Zwaduk? 

Like spicy romance? So do I! Come along on this journey with me.

I’ve always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line.  I love playing with words and letting the characters run wild.

NASCAR, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, animals and second chance romance  all feature prominently in my books.  I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. I’m published with Total-E-Bound, Resplendence Publishing, Changeling Press, Liquid Silver Books, Turquoise Morning Press, Decadent Publishing and The Wild Rose Press. Come join me for this fantastic journey!

If you like my work, tell your friends and email me. I love hearing from readers!



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