What to Read Before 50 Shades of Grey

What?  I thought it was after 50 Shades of Grey?  Well, that version is the ever-popular promotional slogan erotica authors are using.  Did you love 50 Shades of Grey?  Then try this other book!  Look, there’s a single article of clothing on the cover! It seems to be working, too.  I know there is a FB page dedicated to erotic romance promo under the “What to read after” heading (and I’m totally cool with that, by the way).

It makes sense.  Readers who never cracked an erotic book (or uploaded one) have gotten a taste for the genre with the  breaking dawn of 50 Shades (did you hear what my tongue did there in my cheek?  So clever, I know). But, is it possible that the book-hungry public should be reading some things before 50 Shades of Grey?  Especially people who might be squeamish about “too much graphic sex” in books.  Perhaps starting with 50 Shades isn’t the best plan?

There is, after all, the tampon scene.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey. Some people might say, “But you write erotica! How can you not have read it?” Yes, I do write and read erotica, and because of it, I think the novelty that 50 Shades has been to the first-timers will be lost on me. I also made it through one Twilight book, and didn’t bother with any of the others.  One was plenty.  Too much, even.

No need to string me up for it.  I think it boils down to the fact that I like my heroines to be strong—plain and simple.  Just personal preference.  I want them kicking ass and taking names; totally comfortable in their skin, and aware of what they want and how to get it.  I don’t want to live vicariously through someone who is virginal and insecure. Nothing about those qualities turns me on or makes me excited to walk in her shoes.

Anyway, this is simply a thought.  There are plenty of alternatives for initiation into the erotic romance genre. Maybe, just maybe, crashing the whips and chains club isn’t the best way to ease into it.  Don’t get me wrong–I like the whips and chains club on occasion. I’m just saying that losing your erotica virginity to the enigmatic and brooding Mr. Christian Grey might not be the best way to go.

But, hey.  What the hell would I know, right? I’ve never even read the books.


Whether you’ve read 50 Shades or not, here is what you should read now.  My book, Star Catcher releases today from Liquid Silver Books.  😉  Hop on in—the erotic romance waters are just fine for the tramps and virgins alike!


Excerpt from Star Catcher by Kimber Vale:

Noth had gazed curiously about her room as Stella closed the door and twisted the lock to the side. He thought she wanted more food, but did not see an eating area here, only sleeping quarters with a data-entry station. What did this strange Earth female plan to do now?

“I can think of something I wouldn’t mind snacking on,” Stella said, turning to him. Her mouth curved up and her eyes sparkled. They were such an attractive shade. There were no light eyes on Artanos. They reminded him of the color of growing things when the dry season ended and water fell from the sky once more. It was his favorite time of the year, when the land was so colorful and alive. Like Stella. She made everything more vibrant somehow.

The blood-pumping organ in his chest thumped violently, hard and fast against its confines, as she stood up on her toes to kiss him again.

Oh, good. More kissing. This is my favorite thing about Earth so far. And then eyes scream.

She must have changed her mind about the snacks. Noth had a large amount of the anatomy book to read yet, but this was so much better. He would definitely rather do kissing than learn about the human female reproductive system. Work could wait for one night.

The act was thrilling. It felt both unfamiliar and natural at the same time. He kissed her across her cheek and down her neck, working on sheer instinct as he nibbled her earlobe and teased the inside with his tongue. Stella’s breath was hot and fast against his skin. She seemed to enjoy his touch. How can this be? When Artanians attempted procreation, the act was nothing but business. But this was enjoyable.

Strange, she wiggled her body against his as if she wanted to be fertilized. Even odder, the notion appealed to him.

He did not even know if this human female was ovulating, as they called it in his anatomy book. He reached out and rubbed her mating area through her jeans. He could detect a hint of moisture there. Maybe she was at her fertile time? She was wet enough—not that he could ever mate with someone from this species.

The Earthling certainly seemed to want to try.

Mother of Scrion! Her hands were on his brackligg, stroking it up and down! Usually only the males did that for themselves before the fertilization act. Never the females. This felt like pleasure. It was nothing like work, or service, or duty—the words he associated with seed-sharing.

“I want to wrap my lips around your cock,” she whispered in his ear. He had no idea what this “cock” was, but he was willing to let her try. His brackligg jumped in her hands at the suggestion. It seemed to like the idea as well.

Before he knew what she planned, Stella was pushing him onto her sleeping pallet and removing his clothes. He could only stare, stupefied, as she lowered her mouth to his brackligg.

Their eyes met with her lips wrapped around his swelling body part, and she pulled off him long enough to ask a question.

“What? Do you like that?” Her voice was throaty, enchanting, and she took his brackligg back into her mouth before he could respond.

“Ahhh,” he answered, as understanding and pleasure crashed into him at once. “That is a cock.”

She removed her mouth again, but her fist continued to pump around his shaft as she spoke. “Oh, this is a cock all right.”


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