A Small Smackerel from My LHNB Tale

Here we are again–another Love Has No Boundaries post.  Because I am completely unoriginal, I am cutting and pasting my post from there.  That’s right.  It’s already been broughten.

Well, here I am on the kids’ computer because mine is asking to be thrown out a window. !@*&(@* is what I say to that.


Anyway, Laylah’s day was yesterday. Her link is up there. See it? Good.

Today we answer the age old (or 1.5 decade old) question–paper or plastic?

Dane says, “Whatever the bagger guy puts it in.”

These are college boys. What do you expect? Someday I hope they choose the road less traveled and more green. Meanwhile, I’ll keep washing out plastic bags and tin foil to try to set a good example for lazy people everywhere.

I’m happy to report I’m done writing this (12,500 words and countless unpaid hours later, just as a reminder for people who favor unkind reviews–you don’t tell the party hostess her margaritas were weak at the end of the night, do you? You won’t get invited back that way. Or maybe your next margarita will have some added ingredients you weren’t expecting ;).

This puppy is in the beta stage! I also have a very cheesy cover to go with my very cheesy title. Can’t wait to share!

Enough cheesing, I mean teasing. How about a small smackerel?

“Hey, Skinny Elvis! Twenty bucks says you won’t drop trou and do your pommel routine.”

Dane Christakos gave Justin Burns a dubious look. Behind him, their frat brothers Ben Erenfeld, Tyrone Martin, and the new guy, Adam Kennedy, laughed with varying degrees of control.

“Seriously? Where’s the challenge, dude? This is only my second beer.” Dane handed his headache-in-a-can over to Justin with a sympathetic shake of his head. “No taking it back, sucker.”

“I’ll even pay up front.” Justin crumpled his own beer can in his fist, tossed it over his shoulder, and took a sip of Dane’s Bud while fishing in his pocket. He produced a wrinkled up bill, which Dane snatched out of his fingers and shoved in a front pocket of his jeans. He’d already shucked his Vans and lifted his shirt over his head, careful not to fuck up the perfectly coiffed pompadour that had earned him his nickname. Dane’d learned long ago that sticking out like a sore thumb on purpose was better than trying to fly under the radar and failing miserably.

Walk in a room like you own it, and you will.

Being a gymnast could’ve gotten him beat up, and had once or twice in high school—only because he was outnumbered—so first semester freshman year, he began rocking his crazy hair, and that spring he rushed the most prestigious frats at Cornell. It’d definitely been the way to go, because giving up gymnastics to fit in was never an option.

He was popular in his fraternity, and if everything went as planned, he’d qualify this year for the next Summer Olympics.

When Dane unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off his hips, he was glad he’d only had tighty whities in his clean laundry pile this morning. Boxers would have set him up for unintentional flashing and restricted his movement. As it was, he saw a few sets of averted eyes as he grabbed his beer back from Justin to finish the dregs.

“Easiest twenty bucks ever,” he said with a cocky twist of his mouth as he handed back the empty can. Dane mounted the horse in a liquid motion born of countless hours of training.

His routine was second-nature at this point, even with his faint buzz. He’d done it a thousand times: front support, to leg cuts, to rear support. Hold, and then into scissors. Circles to a handstand, down to flairs and back up again. From his upside-down position he saw the guys ribbing each other.

What’s the big deal? All of them had roamed the house naked, or close to it, at one point in time or another. Hell, a few of the guys had even engaged in three-ways with the occasional sorority slut. There was no modesty in their house.

Well, except maybe for the new transfer, Adam. He hadn’t been around long enough for Dane to catch him half-naked and stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

But he sure as hell was looking forward to it.


Jenna Wade http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1… and Eli Easton http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1… will be posting tomorrow, so check ’em out!



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