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Tuesday Teaser

That’s right—it’s that time again.  This tease is coming to you from my story “Cinderella in Hell,” which will be in the Ravenous Romance compilation “Slave to Love.”  If you said, “Slave to Love?  That sounds like a vampire BDSM anthology,” you’d be absolutely correct (and a very good guesser!).

Cinderella- Fairfield High School

Cinderella- Fairfield High School (Photo credit: swilfong44)

If you’re thinking “Cinderella in Hell? That sounds like a Cinderella story,” you’d also be right.  Not so much a good guesser, though.

Anyway, here she blows, my Cinderella vampire BDSM snippet.  Oh, there’s also a Fetish Fairy.  Enjoy! 🙂

—–Excerpt from “Cinderella in Hell” by Kimber Vale—–

Rella waited in her room, door locked, until the sound of the departing carriage faded with the light of day.  She crept to Drizella’s room first.  A draught sent goose bumps prickling down her arms. They added to the delicious sense of foreboding that had accompanied her into the chamber.  She riffled through drawers until she found the objects of her desire.  The butterfly nipple clips gleamed in the moonlight.  Their miniature jaws sparkled like precious stones.  She placed the stolen jewelry on the bed and stripped.  Moisture gathered between her legs as anticipation thrummed through her body.

A cool breeze billowed the sheer curtains at the window.  They reached toward her like ghosts that craved the touch of warm skin.  Rella’s nipples were erect from excitement and from the chilly kiss.  A shiver rippled through her as she pinched each of her stiff peaks with the jaws.  She gave the chain a tug and sucked in her breath when the bite was amplified.


A Small Smackerel from My LHNB Tale

Here we are again–another Love Has No Boundaries post.  Because I am completely unoriginal, I am cutting and pasting my post from there.  That’s right.  It’s already been broughten.

Well, here I am on the kids’ computer because mine is asking to be thrown out a window. !@*&(@* is what I say to that.…

Anyway, Laylah’s day was yesterday. Her link is up there. See it? Good.

Today we answer the age old (or 1.5 decade old) question–paper or plastic?

Dane says, “Whatever the bagger guy puts it in.”

These are college boys. What do you expect? Someday I hope they choose the road less traveled and more green. Meanwhile, I’ll keep washing out plastic bags and tin foil to try to set a good example for lazy people everywhere.

I’m happy to report I’m done writing this (12,500 words and countless unpaid hours later, just as a reminder for people who favor unkind reviews–you don’t tell the party hostess her margaritas were weak at the end of the night, do you? You won’t get invited back that way. Or maybe your next margarita will have some added ingredients you weren’t expecting ;).

This puppy is in the beta stage! I also have a very cheesy cover to go with my very cheesy title. Can’t wait to share!

Enough cheesing, I mean teasing. How about a small smackerel?

“Hey, Skinny Elvis! Twenty bucks says you won’t drop trou and do your pommel routine.”

Dane Christakos gave Justin Burns a dubious look. Behind him, their frat brothers Ben Erenfeld, Tyrone Martin, and the new guy, Adam Kennedy, laughed with varying degrees of control.

“Seriously? Where’s the challenge, dude? This is only my second beer.” Dane handed his headache-in-a-can over to Justin with a sympathetic shake of his head. “No taking it back, sucker.”

“I’ll even pay up front.” Justin crumpled his own beer can in his fist, tossed it over his shoulder, and took a sip of Dane’s Bud while fishing in his pocket. He produced a wrinkled up bill, which Dane snatched out of his fingers and shoved in a front pocket of his jeans. He’d already shucked his Vans and lifted his shirt over his head, careful not to fuck up the perfectly coiffed pompadour that had earned him his nickname. Dane’d learned long ago that sticking out like a sore thumb on purpose was better than trying to fly under the radar and failing miserably.

Walk in a room like you own it, and you will.

Being a gymnast could’ve gotten him beat up, and had once or twice in high school—only because he was outnumbered—so first semester freshman year, he began rocking his crazy hair, and that spring he rushed the most prestigious frats at Cornell. It’d definitely been the way to go, because giving up gymnastics to fit in was never an option.

He was popular in his fraternity, and if everything went as planned, he’d qualify this year for the next Summer Olympics.

When Dane unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off his hips, he was glad he’d only had tighty whities in his clean laundry pile this morning. Boxers would have set him up for unintentional flashing and restricted his movement. As it was, he saw a few sets of averted eyes as he grabbed his beer back from Justin to finish the dregs.

“Easiest twenty bucks ever,” he said with a cocky twist of his mouth as he handed back the empty can. Dane mounted the horse in a liquid motion born of countless hours of training.

His routine was second-nature at this point, even with his faint buzz. He’d done it a thousand times: front support, to leg cuts, to rear support. Hold, and then into scissors. Circles to a handstand, down to flairs and back up again. From his upside-down position he saw the guys ribbing each other.

What’s the big deal? All of them had roamed the house naked, or close to it, at one point in time or another. Hell, a few of the guys had even engaged in three-ways with the occasional sorority slut. There was no modesty in their house.

Well, except maybe for the new transfer, Adam. He hadn’t been around long enough for Dane to catch him half-naked and stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

But he sure as hell was looking forward to it.


Jenna Wade… and Eli Easton… will be posting tomorrow, so check ’em out!



“Star Catcher” Trailer is Live

If you pop over to You Tube and give me a thumbs up, or even share it, I’ll love ya forever.

I don’t know, I think it’s decent for a tech-challenged chick, don’t you?


The Goodreads LHNB Thread Hop Hops On!

This week, the players are divulging details about their main characters.  We reveal three facts that are not included in our stories.  I gotta be honest, I struggled with this because I’m tempted to drop those little character-building nuggets into my story once I figure them out.

But, no.  I shall refrain.

Oh, here is a little teaser.  I plan to play with this picture to make a cover for my story, which shall remain nameless for the moment due to Goodreads rules and regulations (don’t screw with them over there!). Anyway, this is only a portion of a very tasty photo.

The bottom half of my cover. 😉

Hop on over to my thread to read my interview with Dane and Adam, and see what happens when story characters think they can boss me around.  No sir, I don’t think so.    >:-[—audrey—-claimed-by-k-vale


Star Catcher has a Release Date!

And I’ve been sitting on this cover for far too long.  Can you blame me?  Who wouldn’t want to sit on this?  Sit and spin, that is.

Coming June 3rd from Liquid Silver Books!

Coming June 3rd from Liquid Silver Books!

Lord, that’s huge!  Just the way I like it.

Observe, the blurb:

Lust flares hot and bright when Stella Aims’ world collides with the gorgeous and mysterious Noth Zobor. The tall dark stranger doesn’t speak a word of English, but Stella is happy to teach him everything she knows, including a crash course in the universal language of love. Their passion burns down to sweet and smoldering before Stella’s reality is completely spun around.

People aren’t always what they seem—but what if they aren’t even human?

Concerned that Noth’s been lying to her, Stella searches for him and walks into a trap straight out of a nightmare. When she wakes, she finds the real deception was far worse than she ever suspected, and her lover is not at all what he seems. Forgiving him might be the easiest thing Stella has to do, because getting out alive and saving her fellow humans from captivity and experimentation will be the toughest challenge of her life.

Can lovers from two different planets overcome forces that push them galaxies apart? When the fate of two species hangs in the balance, love may be the only thing strong enough to save them all and give hope for a new future.



In honor of my erotic horror short about to get a new lease on life in Cruentus Libri’s “Horror-tica,” I give you a glimpse of Dahlia and Jake the Jerk getting it on…


Excerpt from “Dirty Dahlia” by Kimber Vale

The dress was over her head.  Her voluptuous tits bounced out of the folded fabric, dolled up in a lacy pink bra with matching panties. He turned her around to check out her backside in the thong, slapping her sweet ass for good measure. She shrieked, but it was laced with laughter. The snow-white cheek transformed to a red hand before his eyes and a sanguine haze crept into his periphery. He recognized it; a cloud of hate fed by brutality that invaded his vision, propelling him toward increasingly sadistic measures. It was better than any high he knew.

She was facing him again, guiding his hand to the wet crotch of her panties. Rubbing him up and down the moist fabric. He slid beyond the barrier with his fingers, into her slick folds, pushing inside her roughly as she groaned against his mouth. Her hands reached inside his pants and she squeezed his cock almost painfully as she dragged it out of his fly. She liked it rough. No doubt. Jake pulled a heavy breast out of her bra, flicked the pink nipple brutally with thumb and forefinger and felt her body tighten against him, stretched like a guitar string about to snap.



Love Has No Boundaries

And neither do close-talkers.

Focus, Kimber!

Okay! So, I’m taking part in a thread hop over on Goodreads for their LHNB event. The good folks at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group have a yearly event in which readers post a photo prompt and their idea of what story the picture is telling. Authors sign up to write said story to the specifications of the poster.

Am I making sense?

Anyway, I signed up for a gorgeous pic of a gymnast in his skivvies on the pommel horse. Oh, and he has a pompadour—can’t forget the pompadour. His friends don’t call him Skinny Elvis for nothing.

Elvis Presley 1956

Elvis Presley 1956 (Photo credit: amphalon)

For our thread hop, a group of eight of us are posting snippets from our stories (each on a designated day this week). Next week, we reveal some lesser-known facts about our MCs, so keep checking back.

Pop over to Goodreads to see my picture and read my excerpt here: CLICK THIS RIGHT NOW.

It’s a lead-in to my McDonald’s parking lot jerk-off scene. 🙂


Concert Review: Stone Sour, In This Moment, Hell or Highwater

Let’s begin with the band Hell or Highwater–at least, that’s what I believe they were called.  We walked in when these guys were playing, aging metal-head type guys with some catchy sounding tunes. I didn’t know them, though, and the lead singer seemed like a bit of a megalomaniac.  I just tried to look them up and found a band on FB with this name.  Not the same band.

I found another site for another Hell or Highwater with a list of songs and a winged skull logo. Looked promising. One of the names of the songs listed was “War Boner.” That looked even more promising. They looked like the “War Boner” type.  Scratch that–I just listened to that band and saw a video.  It wasn’t that Hell or Highwater either.

Found another one on line–this looks about right–only their tour dates don’t line up with my show. WTF? Can’t bands find original names?

Anyway, I’d give ’em a B-, whoever the hell they were.

Next, we had In This Moment.  I must say, I don’t much like their name.  I was enthralled by the lead singer’s vocals,  however.  The chick can scream like you would not believe. My ears are still ringing two days later.  She also put on one hell of a baby-doll-creeptastic show and almost all of the songs made me want to look them up again later. A- for hurting my ears and probably not being able to sustain that level of screaminess and still speak five years from now. I will be following these guys closely.

Stone Sour.  What can I say? They opened with “Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero,” which I knew they would.  I screamed so much my throat was rough yesterday. I drank enough that the rest of me was rough as well. I thought they would play on the big stage, but was pleasantly surprised to see them at the standing-room-only smaller stage.  I was so freakin’ close I got hit in the face with Corey Taylor water at the beginning of the show. Thank you, Corey.  I will cherish it forever. The rest of the set was amazing.  They were rocking the heavy tunes hard, with the exception of “Bother” and “Through the Glass.”  Played a number of songs from House of Gold & Bones 1, and at least one from the new album which came out the day of the concert.  They played “A Rumor of Skin,” which I was stoked about. I would have been excited to hear “Taciturn”–or “I’m Not Jesus” would have been killer–but, alas it wasn’t in the cards.

Still, nothing but an A+ for my boy Corey.  It was eargasmic.



For this Tuesday Tease, I give you an excerpt from my short story “1865 A.D.” from “Lust in Time.”


     “Where are we?”  Ben asked before Ammon’s body and firm lips covered his.  Strong hands unbuttoned Ben’s jacket and pulled up his shirt.  They fumbled with his trousers, and sent a quiver of expectation rumbling through him.

     “Wagon gettin’ a wheel repaired,” Ammon answered as he licked a path down Ben’s shaking stomach.  His lips vibrated with his words.  They shivered past Ben’s umbilicus and slid lower, lower, while Ammon’s fingers freed Ben’s cock.  Ben closed his eyes and thrust into the warm hand that wrapped around him.

     “Ahhh,” Ben sighed.  Ammon’s breath steamed at his groin and that fist which was just the right tightness, just the perfect fit, slid up and down his full prick.

     Even in Ben’s darkest imaginings, Ammon hadn’t felt this wonderful.  And then Ben’s world was blown apart as a scruff-covered cheek scoured the length of him, and his tip was drawn into a hot, wet space.

Love and lust through the annals of time, from ancient Israel and Greece and Rome, to the Vikings, the Wild West, Woodstock, and all points in between.

Tease ya later!


What’s Up?

I’ll tell you what’s up with me. I just sent back my final edits for “Star Catcher,” my sci-fi erotic romance being pubbed with Liquid Silver Books. I’m super excited! Not sure what my publication date is yet, and I have a cover mock-up I’m waiting to be finalized before I flash it around.

I’ve also been working on creating a book trailer, which has been a fun (and time-consuming) experience.  I could tell as I played background music and watched it over and over again last night that my husband wanted to say, “Just pick one, already!”  But I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, and not one to settle until I’m absolutely sure there isn’t something better around the corner.  That being said, I think I found the perfect music and I’m waiting to put my book cover in before finalizing that little project.


I’m rethinking my beginning to my rock star book, as well as the title.  I may start things off with a big bang (every pun intended) to kick things up a notch with my spice weasel and cut out some telling later in the story.  Also, that will give me the opportunity to write some eighteen-year-old twink sex, which could be fun.

Speaking of twink sex, I’m also working on a story for the Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries event.  Here is my thread so you can check out my pic/prompt. That’s right, it’s a gymnast, in his skivvies, with a pompadour. Not to be confused with Mr. Green, in the Library, with the candlestick. I think I’m about halfway done with this story, as I’m targeting around 10 K words.  Apparently, someone wrote about 80 K last year. I’m crazy, but I’m not that crazy. I also have other stuff on my plate.

My goal is to get my first rock MS out by the end of this month.  I also saw a few short story calls I was salivating over, so I’ll see if I can get some shorts cranked out/buffed and sent.

And then I can finally get back to my second rock star book, “Double Takes.”  At least I got my boys out of the shower a while back.  Oh, and fun dribs and drabs of plot have been coming to me on my witch story, so I’m getting excited about hitting that baby again.

So there you have it.  Looks like a plan.  Now to get the hubs back to work and the hobbits off to school so I can actually get something done.


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