Fated and Hated Word Lists

Do you have a handful of go-to words you frequently use while writing?  I’m sure authors of all genres have those words we find ourselves typing more than others.  I, for one, also have a few that make me cringe while reading, or occasionally when they sneak from my fingertips when I’m not paying attention.

The words I’m discussing today are those I use (or try not to) while writing sex scenes.

First, those fated to be used (perhaps too much):

Slick –Notice it’s first?  Definitely at the top of my list for favorite sexy words.  It can mean anything from a smooth operator to a smooth surface.  Love it.  My current WIP is at 13K words and I’ve got four slicks.  Only one sex scene, too.  I may need to trim some.

Sweet — From terms of endearment such as sweetheart and sweet thing, to sugary sweet kisses, this word pops up on numerous occasions and needs to be checked for overuse.

Thrum — This is another one I adore (perhaps too much).  It’s just one of those words that best describes the vibrating sensation you feel when you have your hand wrapped around a cock when it does its thing.  Of course, too many thrumming cocks can get old.  Once in a while they need to do something else. 🙂

Teased — Current WIP clocks in at five teases.  Nah nah na-nah nah.

And now for the hated:

Danced –Blatant overuse has made this cliche-like for me.  Dancing tongues.  Blah.  I’d rather write they were doing the Charleston.  At least it would be more original and less cheesy-seventies-romance-novel-esque.  I’ve probably still had it slip in on occasion, and I hate it all the more for that.  Sneaky bastard.

Moist –Moist is an adjective for the delightful pastries pimped by the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  It is not for cooters.

English: Barbie Portrait

English: Barbie Portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fleshy –I know plenty of publishers are looking for stories with plus-sized heroines these days.  Fabulous–down with the Barbie dolls!  But fleshy?  It’s not an appealing way to say a girl has a lot of ass to grab.  I vote no.

Undulating –I had one of these in my WIP.  It was the perfect descriptor for what was happening.  It was also perfectly irritating each time I read it.  I knew when I typed it, it was only a placeholder.  Today, I banished that bitch.  Adios, undulating; you never stood a chance.

How about everyone else?  Any words you love or simply can’t stand?

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