Naming A Witch


Ravens (Photo credit: Sergey Yeliseev)

I’m working on a witch-themed BDSM novella.  Normally, I don’t write BDSM, but the story made me do it, and someone is about to get tied down and nailed, and dammit, she’s gonna like it.  That’s beside the point.  The point is, I’m a little fuzzy on that someone’s name.

Yes, the BDSM makes me a tad antsy, as I have no practical experience with it, but I’m milking my creative cow, watching plenty of porn, and reading some truly bad books (which I suppose are a lesson on what not to do–come to think of it, the porn probably is, too).  So, I think I’ve torn down my mental roadblocks on that aspect of the story, and my characters are finally in a good place to get busy.

The problem I have now is my witch’s name.

So far, she is Raven in my WIP.  Not bad for a witch; it came as a bolt of inspiration I received during the Super Bowl, if you can believe that.  The name itself got me in the mood to write a witchy character, but for some reason I pictured her with red hair, not black as one might expect.


Pulling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, parents can, and do, name their children without seeing what they look like, so of course there could be hundreds of red-haired Raven’s and blonde Ruby’s out there, but since I’m really the one doing the naming here, should I go with something that better describes her appearance?

Or maybe Raven perfectly describes her dark attitude…

I’m undecided, but I’ve got time and I’m totally open to suggestion.

Give me your good, bad witch names, friends.  Just kindly check your Sabrinas and Hermiones at the door.


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5 responses to “Naming A Witch

  • J. Marie Ravenshaw

    Personally, I think the name is quite fitting. It tells me to expect the unexpected. There’s that preconceived notion that redheads are quite fiery. Then you go ahead and name her Raven … this name definitely fits a darkened soul. If you’ve done your research on BDSM, which I’m sure you have, you know that it fits perfectly- her sub would know to expect the unexpected. He or she would also know that freedom is just a ‘word’ away. Is there a ‘safe’ word in this story? Are there any ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ limits? I’m an outsider looking in, and I have to say, from just the name and the description you gave, this woman is bad news! I don’t think that I’d want her to be my mistress! If that’s the feeling you wanted your readers to have … you’ve definitely succeeded 🙂


    • Kimber Vale

      Oh, it’s complicated, J. Marie! She tried to put a spell on the H to get something from him. It backfires and he finds out about it and leads her to a BDSM chamber in his old house he’s renovating (previously owned by a dark warlock who also happened to like his kink). The chamber has a mind/power of it’s own and makes him want to control the woman who tried to manipulate him. Yes, to the safe word, and probably not gonna be too many clothes pins or anything. Just some bondage power play, big O withholding type stuff. They may graduate to kinkier once they get a taste for it. I like the idea of the woman who is used to being in charge and getting her way, submitting to the H and finding she enjoys it… We’ll see how that goes.


      • J. Marie Ravenshaw

        It sounds like a story I’d read. Awesome! Nice on throwing in the clothespins btw *wink, wink* I might be able to give you a little insight on the big ‘O’ withholding stuff. That is, IF you need it. Maybe we’ll talk soon 😉 Otherwise, good luck lady!


  • moviewriternyu

    Thanks for listing one of my articles at the bottom of your piece… 🙂


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