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Thursday Thrills

Writing to a prompt–who does that?  Well, I do today.

The lovely Tallulah Rose has orchestrated this flash fiction weekly prompt.  She’s so good.  Between 100 and 1000 words, based on a photo; check it out next time and see if you are inspired to do a little freewriting!

Here is the picture:

After you read mine, see what other offerings are floating around in the ether by clicking the pic above.  I think the photo lends itself to a variety of genres, particularly smut and horror.  And so, I mix and match. 🙂


This is not a brothel.

I guess “brothel” would imply an exchange of payment, and we never took money for our services.  I think the words on the knocker got us more patrons than a gaudy sign flashing the word “sex” over and over ever could have.  And somehow, they all walked through the door expecting to find their most scandalous desires manifested.

They often did.

We tried not to disappoint.  After all, the more they enjoyed themselves, the better they tasted.

I often thought we were like the pear upside-down cake I always made for our staff Yule party.  Before I flipped over the pan, it looked like a straight-forward cake–light and fluffy, enough to satisfy any sweet-tooth.  That’s how the girls and I looked to the men who came sniffing around.

Until the doors locked behind them, and we tossed the dish over and revealed the sticky bottom; then, our blackened brown-sugar side was obvious.  It was still syrupy sweet, almost intolerably cloying, but they never ran for the exits.  They always sampled until the bitter end.

And the knocker continued to crack against our door every night.  The sound always made me salivate.

I love chicken.


200 words

That’s really all I can manage. 🙂  I’ll admit, the chicken part was just to get it to a nice, round 200.  I have a hard spot for 200-word stories.  Chicken is actually only okay in my book.


The Next Big Thing–Bigger and Badder

This is like Die Harder, because I’ve done this already.  Maybe I should have titled this “The Next Big Thing–Judgement Day.”  Hey, it’s a different book I’m answering questions about, so perfectly legit.  Don’t get your tighty whities all in a bunch.

Anyway, I was tagged by Velvet Panic, a M/M romance blog spearheaded by the lovely Janice Matthews.  Go check out her blog post on her WIP, “Hunter.” It’s a sexy read so far.  I know this, because I’ve sampled it.

Now, about me…

What is the working title of your book?

“Double Takes,” book two in my Shooting Stars series

Where did the idea come from for the book?

Book one in my Shooting Stars series, duh.  “Rock and Hard Places” is the first book.  My MC in “Double Takes,” Gio Savale, had a walk-on role in RaHPs.  Mainly, I wanted to find a way to meet up with my boys Chance and Alex again.  In the process, I have fallen in love with Gio and his boyfriend Lance. I’m 2/3 of the way done with the book and we haven’t even seen the boys from RaHPs yet.  But we will…oh, we will [rubs hands together like I have something evil planned even though I don’t–actually it will be a barrel of monkeys].

What is the genre of the book?

M/M Erotic Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your main characters in a movie rendition?

Gio would be played by Anthony Kiedis ten years ago.  Surprise, surprise.

English: Anthony Kiedis, frontman of the Red H...

English: Anthony Kiedis, frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in July 2006 Deutsch: Der Frontmann der Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, im Juli 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lance would be played by Tom Hardy.   I’m getting a little hot just thinking about it.  Tom Hardy does that to me.  Actually, so does Anthony Kiedis.  Okay, moving on.

What is your one sentence synopsis of the book?


No!  That wasn’t it!  There is too much going on for one sentence!

Okay…my attempts at a log line.  Go!

Love comes when Gio Savale least expects it and from the most unlikely person, but can he conquer both his and Lance’s demons to win their happily ever after?

I say yes, and quite frankly, I’m in charge here.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency/publisher?

I plan to submit to a publisher.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

It’s not done yet!  I started it for a half-assed NaNoWriMo.  Been chipping away at it ever since.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?


Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Reading KA Mitchell just to see what all the boy on boy fuss was about inspired my love of M/M, so let’s just give her credit in a broad sense.  My love of music and concerts and sexy-fine rock stars inspired me to write the series.  Of course, the third book is about Kyrie, a drama queen to the gills.  No, really.  He wants to be an actor, so he can still be a Shooting Star (double entendre intended–get it?  Get it?), but he’s no rocker.  He is funny, fruity, and endearingly naive, though.  I’m looking forward to writing his story next.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

“Double Takes” grabs that rock star from his pedestal and throws him down in the ring of hard knocks.  Gio is going through a rough patch and I think it’s fun to show a famous person struggling through all the crap the not-so-beautiful people have to endure (financial problems, divorce, a child custody battle, unsavory characters trying to take advantage of him, and love with—oh my—another guy of all things, who also happens to come with his fair share of baggage).  So far, I am having a lot of fun with this story. 😉

Oh, and there is also hot man love that isn’t consummated for a while, so, yes I am a bit of a tease in this one. ❤

I’m going to tag my buddy Tallulah Rose.  Can’t wait to see what she’s working on these days.  I’m also tagging the wonderful Jadette Paige, fellow M/M author and she of “The Story Behind the Book” blog.  Check ’em out!

Over and out.


#SexySnippets Sunday

The name of the game is seven sexy sentences every Sunday.  The people in charge?  The Nuthouse Scribblers.

After you read mine, check out the other contributions by clicking the button below.

snippets button

My seven sentences come to you from my story, “My Soul to Take,” in the recently released anthology that saves lives, “Coming Together: In Vein.”  All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, as you probably already know. 🙂

“I am what you made me.”  She rubbed her lower lip against his.  Her nails combed through his hair and scraped down the back of his neck.

“I want your tongue inside me.  I want to wrap my legs around your head and feel your warm breath burning the inside of my thighs.”  Her voice was a demanding whisper against his ear.

She sucked on his earlobe as if it were his cock, and then teased inside with her tongue.

So there you have it.  Crave more sweet vampire love?  Check out Coming Together: In Vein.  No lie, this book will get your undead rocks off.

Proceeds go to help Doctors Without Borders! :)

Proceeds go to help Doctors Without Borders! 🙂

Now get back to work!


A Tat and A Man Who Makes Crying Look Good

Italiano: Corey Taylor con gli Stone Sour a Tr...

Italiano: Corey Taylor con gli Stone Sour a Trezzo sull’Adda (Mi) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most guys make me want to punch them in the face if/when they cry.  Not Corey Taylor.  Never Corey Taylor.  I just want to pet his adorable bald head.

That is all.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award–Who, Me?

The lovely Tallulah Rose has nominated yours truly for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Yes, very inspiring.

Go and read Tallulah’s post.  She has led a colorful life and is far more inspiring than I.

I can only do what I can do.  Anyway, here are the rules:

The Rules: (see, told ya these were the rules)

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.



7  Things About Me:

1.  I love guinea pigs but my daughter is allergic to them.  It’s irony at its cruelest.  Now we have a horribly hairy dungeon rabbit, which is no guinea pig substitute, let me tell ya.

2.  My favorite color is orange.

3.  Once my sister and I were laughing so hard that she peed her pants.  Then I laughed so hard at her pants-peeing, I peed my own pants.  That was last week.  No, not really.  Maybe.

4.  My BFF’s useless superpower is acid sweat.

5.  Actually, that may not be too useless.

6.  The previous was not something about me.  Neither was the one before that.  Ack!  I’m blowin’ it man!  I don’t have a useless superpower, but dammit I want one.  Crappy list-writing is my useless superpower!

7.  There’s a little black cat on my deck today.  It’s the same old cat as yesterday.  Her name is Elphie (Elphaba) after the witch in “Wicked.”  I really need to read the second book in that series.

So now that you know everything there is to know about me, I have to tag 15 inspiring bloggers…

J. Marie Ravenshaw


Kate Lowell

Christie Gordon

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Shayla Mist

The Hook

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Tam Reads, Writes & Rambles

The Armchair Reader

Rawiya Erotica

It’s Just the Booze Dancing

Okay, that’s not 15, but I’m tired of this linking business.  No more Chinese food for me, Ma!


Photo Manipulation for Dummies (By A Dummy)

Okay, so, in case my title isn’t enough of a disclaimer, here’s another one:  I am so far from a photo manipulating pro that it’s laughable.  Why am I writing this post?  Well, on the off-chance someone out there is even less skilled/experienced than I in the fine art of photo manipulation, I may be able to help that person (and in the process feel superior).

Also, I just needed a post idea, so if you don’t like it, walk away, Renée.

On to the meat and potatoes…

The other day I spent hours (in which I should have been sending my fictional boys off to a baseball game, or some such nonsense) altering photos for my Facebook banner.  Let me just interject here and say that I really mostly hate Facebook.  Okay, so, anyway, I went to my old standby, Photobucket, to do some messing around.

Now, Photobucket seems to want to be a contender in the photo-altering biz, I tell ya.  Old, user-friendly (after a learning curve I’d rather not discuss) Photobucket is gone.  Enter the Beta.  It’s still got the basic functions, so thankfully I did not have to learn anything too new.  And their fun little photo enhancing functions from a short while back that NEVER worked for me, now do.  So cool!  It does get locked up on occasion (or maybe that is my sweet little HP mini which has entered into the ripe old age of three).

Enough talk!  Show us the damn pictures, Kimber!

Easy, killer.  Easy.  Your wish is my command.

Okay, so here is the banner thingy I’m using on FB.  Yes, it is top-heavy (like me, RDRR), but the reason for that is I had to crop it to fit in FB.  I also had to squeeze my text up in the middle a bit (yes, these are technical terms and shut your laughing face!) so my smaller left-hand-side-picture didn’t cover it.

See?  Here is my FB page so you know what I’m talking about.  Feel free to friend me while you’re there, or poke me, or click “Like” on this stupid page, or leave a burning bag of dog crap on my FB doorstep.  Whatever.  I really don’t care.

It’s a little crooked, but you get what you pay for, right?  Wanna see my original picture I took myself, right before a thunderstorm at dusk?  Okay!

5-29-12 N10As you can see, it was a pretty sweet shot to begin with because I have a fancy-shmancy camera and I got lucky.  Real photographers could be tearing me a new one right now.  Leave it in the comment box or tell your story walking.

But, I’m sure you notice the coloration is a bit darker and spookier.  After clicking edit, I chose “effect” and just tested a bunch out.  Then, for the super-cool outer space feel I went with “overlay” and “space.”  There are tons to choose from.  My rainbow heart was in “stickers,” and I happen to think my dripping come font is both apropos and classy.

Well, that concludes today’s crappy lesson.  I have to go teach Sunday school now.  Keep it cool, kids.


An Erotica Writer’s Resource

I attended a local writers’ group for the first time last week.  Before the date, I’d debated whether or not I would own up to writing smut.  Of course, I blurted it out during my introduction, because, A: I can’t keep a secret, and B: I love shocking people.  It’s fun.

Well, the theme for the meeting was, “What are your favorite books on writing that have helped your craft,” or something like that.  We all brought in a book or two, and said why we liked them, and passed them around.  Many were poetry-related books, as this group seems to have an abundance of poets.

For my part, I considered bringing in a now out-of-print book that I’ve had for at least a decade—long, long before I started writing erotica, back when I figured someday I might write romance and saw this book at a great price and snapped it up.  Already I had my romance/erotica lines blurred; my sex/love boundaries woefully screwy.  Story of my life.

My internal smut-sensors must have been telling me something, though.  I always did read Playboy and Hustler for the articles (and look at them for the pictures) when I was a kid, stumbling upon an uncle’s or friend’s father’s stash.

Mercedes Ambrus

Mercedes Ambrus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was written in the stars that I would write about people buffing the wood and falling in love.  Ahhh, sweet romantic lust (see, I still mix the two together).

So, anyway, I digress.  The book I was talking about before I was so rudely interrupted by myself was “How to Write Erotica” by Valerie Kelly.  Yes, this book is dated—it came out in the eighties and, yes, you can almost picture the big hair and chicka-bow-bow music in the background when you are reading the excerpts.  But, for something over 20 years old, it’s aged surprisingly well.  True, the list of publishers is obsolete–don’t buy it for that (and, incidentally, it’s available used for about a buck plus shipping on Amazon from various sellers.  Note the condition of the book before purchasing, as you never know if the previous owner was using it for stroke material–it could happen.)

The book is an interesting read, start to finish.  Valerie Kelly illustrates the how-to’s of erotic letter writing, short-shorts, longer shorts, and novels–all still relevant structures for today’s authors.  “The Marketplace for Erotic Fiction” section is more a history lesson on erotica, at this point, but I think it is still fun reading for anyone interested in the business to see how it has evolved in the past twenty years.  It’s still evolving.  Who knows what is ahead?  If history repeats itself, as they say, I’ll be ready with my leg-warmers and my copy of HTWE.

Anyway, Kelly goes into the basic formula for story-telling (Plot, Character, The Setting, The Climax, POV, The Denouement).  This section is still valid, as are the parts about tense, pacing, and making things sexy (yeah, 80’s sexy is still sexy).

Even Kelly’s advise on query letters can be modified for today’s electronic submission process.  True, we don’t need to know about 20lb paper or SASEs anymore, but skip it, or read it just to appreciate how much easier we have it now.  When I was your age, I had to walk to school in five feet of snow.  Actually, I took a bus.

Finally, Kelly has exercises to inspire your creativity.  Need a jumping off point?  Close your eyes and pick one.  Her glossary and list of sensual words at the end are tré useful.  I’ve penned in my own additions at the back of the book.

So, that was a rather lengthy book review, it turns out.  I give “How to Write Erotica” 4.5 stars and the coveted Vale Smutty Stamp of Approval.

And to answer your question, I did not bring it to my writer’s group (and good thing–there was a rather suspicious character present who may have absconded with, and defiled my book).

I brought “Self Editing for Fiction Writers” by Renni Browne and Dave King.  I like that one, too, even sans any juicy bits.

Now, for a little exercise of our own.  Pretend this is a writer’s group meeting.  I’m the creepy guy leering at you.  What book/s do you recommend for your fellow authors?  Don’t worry, I’ll only borrow them until the next meeting.  Sorry about any pages that might get stuck together…


Fascinating examination of sadism, and the story behind Xan West’s tale “Willing,” in “Coming Together: In Vein.

Kink Praxis


Nine years ago I wrote “Willing”, a queer vampire story in which I explored sadism and the yearning for a willing bottom who could really take it. I had already begun thinking of my own sadism as a beast that lived under my skin, that fed on blood and fear and that I kept caged and leashed in order to manage it. The metaphor of a vampire who saw his sadism and blood thirst the same way felt delicious, and affirming. For me, this story was an important step in the acceptance and celebration of my own sadism. If you talk to other sadists, in quiet moments, they will often admit that they rarely unleash their hunger for pain, that they barely feed much of the time. This story was about a sadist finally letting himself feed, and in the process of writing it, I let myself touch some of the…

View original post 1,166 more words

The View From My Office–My Writing Space

Now I sit me down to write

Be sure my back cushion feels just right

Knock questionable tissues onto the floor

Look for Post Its–I must have more!

Squint and strain at scribbled notes

What?  Have my MC milk a goat?

Little, Brown share the space

With “How to Write Erotica” (in your face)

Cup of coffee, still pretty hot

Just get writing.  Screw the plot!

Can't close the door.  My office is in the eat-in kitchen/family room.

Can’t close the door. My office is in the eat-in kitchen/family room. Kids’ craft zone in the drawers beneath.

And, yes, my office comes complete with karaoke.  Sometimes I just need to sing.  This is actually an old shot.  I now have five Living Dead Dolls keeping a milky eye (okay, seven milky eyes, two red, and one black) on me from up top.

8-26-12 N2

What the hell is this? A weird Dragonosaur punch balloon with his crystal ball of clarity? Yeah, he’s gone now, but he sure was a fine mascot for some time.


LIVING DEAD DOLLS : Eggzorcist (Photo credit: minowa*naitoh)  Yes, I do have this one.  My BFF thought I needed these to help with my horror writing.  Indeed, she was correct.

So that’s where my magic <cough cough> happens.  What weirdness do you keep in your “office?”


I Don’t Do Resolutions

But here is a list of some things I am going to try to do/do better for 2013.

First off, I know this is going to be a kick-ass year.  How do I know this?  Well, after my trip to the grocery store yesterday, I was bringing in my reusable bags and a container of strawberries fell out.  I caught it between my leg and the car.  It didn’t smash on the driveway.  All of my over-priced strawberries didn’t roll down our icy hill and into the road, and then the sewer drain.

You know why they didn’t?  Because that would have been so 2012.  Fuck that.  This is 2013, baby.  This is the year I don’t drop strawberries.  Presumably other good things will happen, as well.  It only makes sense.  That’s strawberry logic.

So, to assist the good luck fairies, or ladybugs, or heads-up pennies, or short green dudes (or whatever superstition supplies copious amounts of good fortune), I will strive to improve myself in the following areas….  Right-O.  I’ll make my own destiny and all that jazz.

1.  Drink no more than the doctor recommended 1-2 alcoholic beverages/day.  I actually started this in 2012 and plan to continue.  My liver says thank you, Kimber.  My friends probably think I’m lame now.  Oh, well.  Incidentally, I used to hang out with some doctors who did not follow said advice.  Just saying.  Hippocratic hypocrites.

2.  Exercise more.  I plan to put on a 1/2 hour TV workout once my Kindergartener gets home.  No way am I working out during kid-free time.  That won’t change for 2013.

3.  Write more.  So far this is my second blog post today, and I wrote about 600 words on my WIP.  That sucks.  I want at least 1000 a day, but I will get there today, as God as my witness.  I got sidelined looking at shirtless pics of Tom Hardy for inspiration and designing a cool memorial tattoo for my character, Lance.  I feel these were good and valuable uses of my kid-free time.

Here and here are some lovely links to Tom Hardy naked with his boyfriend from Band of Brothers.  How did I not see this until right now?  That is just the muse I needed.

4.  Take lots of vitamins and eat better.  I’ve had more homemade salsa in the past 24 hours than Taco Bell makes in a year (because they don’t make homemade salsa, but still–I ate a shit-load).  It was chock-full of veggies, beans, and even some lime and mango.  I will probably regret this later.

5.  Try to be more tolerant of idiots.  I have 3 kids.  That’s all I have to say.

6.  Ignore social media until the allotted times, and then set a fifteen minute hard stop when I do get on it.  It really is a productivity-suck.  And the worst part is, Facebook is largely annoying but for the occasional photos of half naked men on Wednesdays.  Why do I do it?

7.  Only check Facebook on Wednesdays.

8.  Masturbate more.  Hey, ya gotta have goals.

9.  Clean just a tiny bit more.  Or not.  Whatever.  Maybe just don’t have guests over.

10.  Be good to friends, family, and random strangers.  If we all do it, we could be living in that future world from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  Maybe even young Keanu Reeves will be there.  He might even have his shirt off.

Be excellent to each other.  Party on, dudes.


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