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Planning for Sandy!

So, not only do I need to fill gas tanks, charge portable DVD players (hey, you try getting stuck with three kids in the dark for days with no media), and, I don’t know, buy more wine, but I also need to finish editing a last-minute short story and send it out before the deadline on the 31st, lest I lose my internet on Monday.

Holy disaster preparedness, Batman!  Oh, the pressure of the perfect storm.  Funny, my fine state had its collective ass kicked by a doozy last Halloween.  We lost power for nine (count ’em, nine) days.   I was ready to string myself up and jump, but it was too dark to find the rope.  Good God, if we have a repeat, I may not be able to survive it.

Okay, enough BS.  I need to go wait in line for gas now.  Good luck and God speed, peeps of the North East!


How About a Quickie?

Are you up for it?  I figured I could jump over here and nail a fast post to the wall.  But what to write about?


I could post about the recent presidential debates, but I didn’t bother watching them, so I can’t very well write about them.  Besides, my keyboard is allergic to politics and will probably explode if I do more than joke about the heinous subject.


I could write about why children are truly the most irritating kind of people in the world, but my children are being so annoying right now, that I’m too muddled to compose anything related to the subject (beyond swear words).


I could post about writing synopses and query letters as I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on those lately, but then I would get stuck trying to think of alternatives for the plural of synopsis.  Synopsi?  Synopsees?  Synopsisis?  Forget it.


I could write about my delightful back spasm I triggered doing Pilates.   Not much to say, other than exercise is highly overrated and I should have just gone with my gut (ba dum bum–that was a drum beat for my lame joke, in case it wasn’t evident).


But I guess a post about quickies can simply be a post about quickies.  They’re great, really.  Women don’t always have the time to get off with a quickie, but sometimes they’re just what the doctor ordered, even without the happy ending.  Sometimes, you just need a good, hard fuck against a bathroom wall to know your alive, get the blood pumping, and warm up for something more in-depth later on.


A Quickie Q2 at the 2003 Arlington Fly-In. Pho...

A Quickie Q2 at the 2003 Arlington Fly-In. Photo by Eric Gideon ( (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  How about the mile-high quickie club?


Sure, a long, luxurious screw is fantastic when you have the time, but the quickie has its place, too!  There is something so hot about getting it on fast and furious, especially when it’s in a somewhat public place.


What do you think?  Got any good quickie locations you want to share?  Maybe you’ve already done it.  Maybe you only dream about it.  Where’s your favorite quickie spot?



How Much is Too Much?

Sex, that is.

Now, in real life, I know many a person (usually men) who will say there is no such thing.  But I’m talking about in erotica, here.  How much is too much sex?

I’ve seen plenty of Amazon reviews in which readers complain about erotica books that have too much sex.  The same books have loads of other reviewers who loved the hot story line.

I recently watched a Facebook thread with rabid interest as fellow erotica authors answered the question, “Have you ever skipped over sex scenes in books?”

Many had.  Many hadn’t.  Many didn’t have a problem with frequent sex scenes as long as they helped to move the plot forward, were well written, and were varied.  That’s right.  Seven steamy spoon scenes only seem to steam up the readers in the wrong way.

Many said it depends on the story, on their mood when they are reading, or on whether or not there is a meteor shower in the forecast.

I once posted in an erotica authors’ forum asking if a WIP had the right balance of sex and story.  The work in question was 40K and had three lengthy sex scenes and one dream sequence (the cheater way to get in another sex scene when the characters are apart, or angry at each other, or haven’t met yet).

One guy told me I should re-evaluate whether or not I was, in fact, writing erotica, erotic romance, or straight-up romance.  Another author was like, with a twelve page sex scene, I think it qualifies as erotica/erotic romance.

Whatever the case, whatever the perfect numerical balance of plot to erotica, it’s interesting that it varies so greatly from author to author, reader to reader, and male to female.

I say male to female, because I believe that gay men, even of the fictional variety, would get it on a lot more than a straight couple.  Guys are always thinking with their dicks, and if they are doing so in fiction, they are probably written pretty true to life (that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it).

Finally, I’d like to state that many publishers specifically state that characters in erotica novels are to have sex early in the book, and then frequently throughout.

So, what’s the magic number for readers?  For authors?  For publishers?  And are they anywhere near the same ballpark (every pun intended)?  Your guess it as good as mine.  Perhaps it all comes down to this: some people like hot sauce on their pizza.  Some people put freakin’ pineapple on it.  Eat what ya like, but if I invite you over to dinner, you better be ready to sweat, baby.


The Next Big Thing

God, I love big things!  The fantastic J. Marie Ravenshaw, horror and erotica author extraordinaire, was sweet enough to tag me in The Next Big Thing.  If you’re not down with the blogingo, this game involves the taggee answering questions on his/her newest work in progress, and then tagging 5 more authors to do the same.

J. Marie did one hell of a rundown on her story, L’Escalier du Diable (The Devil’s Stairway), an erotic horror book (FUN!).  I am definitely looking forward to reading it when it comes out!

Now, I’m not sure I can do as comprehensive a job on my Next Big Thing post, but I’ll chalk my cue and give it a shot…

1. Name of my newest book:

It actually pains me to write it, as I recently changed it when another M/M rock star erotica book came out with a very similar name.  It was kinda like renaming a child after he’s been around for a few years: weird and sad.  Anyway, the current title is “Rock and Hard Places.”  Nobody freakin’ steal it or I will come after you with a meat cleaver!

2. Where did my idea come from?

I’m happy to say that it evolved from a fantastic spring/summer of concert-going. 🙂  I love my dual eye/ear candy and wanted to write about something that interests and inspires me in such an extreme way: bad-ass guys with guitars.

3.  What genre is my book?

Male/male contemporary erotic romance.

4.  Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Matthew Bomer

Matthew Bomer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oooo.  Well my actor for Alex Bremen is easy: Matt Bomer (with all of his muscles on) 😉  By the way, Matt Bomer could be straight as a pin, and he would still be perfect as Alex–exactly the gorgeous guy I pictured.

My rock star, Chance Ralan, is a bit tougher to peg.  I’m going to go with Josh Holloway.  He’ll need green contacts, black dyed hair with an inch of blond roots, and guyliner.

English: - Comic-Con 2009 ...

English: – Comic-Con 2009 – “Lost” Press Room – San Diego – July 25, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, both of my chosen actors are older than my late 20-something boys in the book, but, hey, it’s my hypothetical movie.

I also have a host of fun secondary characters, but I can’t spend that much time picking them out of the IMDb data base right now.  If Hollywood comes knocking, I’ll reconsider.

5. One line synopsis of my book:

Alex Bremen, journalist and documentary film producer, seeks out his rock star ex-boyfriend for revenge, but will  a rekindled romance spell disaster?

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?  I hope to publish with an erotica e-publisher when I’m done with edits.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?  I cranked the first 29K out in a matter of weeks–couldn’t type fast enough once these guys got in my head.  I broke for a number of side projects (round of edits on another MS, multiple short stories) and then got back on that horse.  I would say, about 2 months start to finish.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?  I have yet to read any rock star gay romances, although I see a few are out there.  I am a huge KA Mitchell fan and like to think readers who enjoy her books would like mine.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?  Wait a minute…didn’t I answer this?

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?  Well, my bad boy Chance is a bit of a stone-cold asshole sometimes, but it’s tough not to love him anyway (as Alex well knows).  I like to think of him as my gay guy alter ego.  There is drinking, excessive cursing, tons of snark, and a dash or two of angst.  Oh, and hot-hot-hot man sex.

Yay!  I did it!  Now I have to tag 5 others…

I’ll mix it up with The Reclining Gentleman, JC Cassels, A Talk Behind Closed Doors, Alice Dark, and, finally, The Hook–who better be working on some new material by now. 🙂

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